Down To Business textbook

Down To Business was launched in 2019, where I combined my knowledge of sitting the Leaving Cert exam and teaching the subject for 17 years to create a very user friendly textbook that students could engage with and understand what the most important key terms are as well as showing real exam answers and important exam technique!

To help student's to learn chapters more efficiently, I also created an important key terms page for each chapter and created a more exam focused student learning log where students could practise more exam type questions instead of just lot of shorts. Alongside this, I created a teacher resource that exactly mirrors the student activity layout (each page and question match for easy reference) and provides a solution that can be shared and used to compare against student answers.

On top of this, each chapter has a specific Exam Focus section which concentrates on an important element of exam technique useful for students to know to maximise their marks in an exam. These sections are accompanied by an Exam Focus video that you can play to your class to help echo what you are teaching them and reinforce the importance of how they write their answers as well as what should be written in them! There are also editable PowerPoints available to use for each chapter!

Some chapters also feature real life interviews with Irish businesses including BikeRowSki, Dublin Meat Co., Bunsen and Sprout, which are focussed on the chapter's keywords and themes, providing some real insight to how the course content connects to real life.

Check out the ebook and also some sample resources available with it here and make sure to reach out to your local Folen's rep to get Down To Business on your booklist for next year!