Whats the best thing other teachers do?

I get my returning 5th years to fill in a self evaluation form when they are starting back in to 6th year, outlining their targets for the year ahead. I also ask the things that they think they can work on the most over the year, and what they want me to do more of (things they enjoy/learn well from) and things they’d like me to do less of (things they don’t learn well from / enjoy / find boring). I always find it useful to do as I can adapt my teaching to suit the different needs of each group to try get the most out of the year. 

This year, it occurred to me as I was reading through the responses, there was something I hadn’t asked them that could really help me develop as a teacher… The resonses I was reading were all limited to what I currently do that they either liked or didn’t like, not what I could be doing instead of or as well as my current classes. As teachers, its so easy to fall in to the same methods and habits in our own classrooms and forget that theres so much great stuff going on in other classrooms around us that we can tap in to, that our students enjoy and learn from.

This week i’m going to get my students to fill out another brief Google Form, getting them not to name names or subjects, and the only question i’m going to ask them is:

What’s the best thing other teachers are doing in their classes to help you learn?

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