Going from a H4 to a H1 in the ABQ #ChasingH1s

In this blog post, we're going to look at how easily a potential H1 student can throw away marks, or if you're a glass half full kind of person, how a student can go from a H4 answer to a H1 answer for an ABQ question with some easy fixes!

YouTube video is here

Worksheet for class/study is here

You might notice how many teachers and students talk about how hard it is to get the H1 in Business and how many top students ended up with H2s or H3s and were disappointed, and the big reason is that a lot of the marks in the exam go down to exam technique rather than knowing the content/keywords - so i'm trying to help fix that bit by bit! Today we'll look at how a student could throw away 3% of their exam, despite probably thinking that they've answered a part of the ABQ well, there's an exercise worksheet to try to correct the student's work and then a video to look at how many marks they might get and why!

I'd suggest downloading the worksheet first and having a go at marking the answer given, then watching the video to see how your correcting compared!

Check out the awarded marks below...

Comment down below with any questions or comments!

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  • Hi Jane,
    There are certain keywords generally required and they are often bolded in the marking schemes to stand out – you don’t usually need all of them but it depends on the question and how it is asked – and the other words used wouldn’t matter around them once you answer the question and have the important keyterms – general true information about something that isn’t used in the course (books/schemes) generally won’t score any marks at all

    Gavin Duffy
  • Hi, do answers have to be the exact same as in marking scheme or in your sample answers (which I find very useful) but it would be impossible to learn them word for word?

    jane moran
  • 2 points of information per point given is fine – make a statement and develop it with keywords and/or a real example – marks are given for accuracy not volume

    Hi Anuj
  • hi, my teacher recommends we should write a fair bit in our answers, like for example a page and a half for 20 marks, I feel like it takes too much time though, so I was wondering on what should I base my answer length.

    Anuj Yadav

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