Enterprise Skills & Characteristics

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This can be a question or topic that students don't practise or pay close attention to because its easy to assume they know it - being strict on marking is very important, awarding no marks for explaining a heading using the word in the heading:

E.g. Innovative

This is when an entrepreneur is innovative and they make profits from their innovative idea.

Also, students need to watch the way it is asked:

E.g. Discuss - talk about without headings

E.g. Enterprising skills/chars by staff within a business

E.g. Illustrate skills/chars... must provide an example with the heading/keywords

Below is an important list for students - it outlines what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable at HL LC Business when asked about Enterprising Skills and Characteristics - essential to know this year with Unit 2 featuring on the ABQ!

Enterprise Skills & Characteristics ACCEPTABLE:

Innovative/creative– Create new ideas or processes

Human Relations– Communicate effectively and get on well with people. Ability to network, build relationships, be persuasive (negotiations)

Adaptability/ Management of Change – ability to respond to changing environment, be resilient/creative in dealing with change

Reality Perception– See things how they are, not how they’d like them to be

Proactive– Don’t wait for things to happen, use initiative

Future Focused– anticipate future trends/outcomes/needs/gaps in market

Decisive- Quick & Effective Decision Making

Risk Taking– Personal & Financial Risk, no guarantee of profits

Determined– Confident in ability, resilient in tough times, has self-belief


Enterprise Skills & Characteristics NO LONGER ACCEPTED:

Management Skills (Leading, Motivating & Communicating)

Management Activities (Planning, Organising & Controlling)


Hard Working

Time Management

The latest Marking Scheme for it was 2017, page 37

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