Easy To Make ABQ Errors

Check out my YouTube video on answering the ABQ here, to play in class or in study!

This week, lets put some focus on the ABQ as Mocks are fast approaching for many! We'll have a look at an error that is easy to make, and how to have a go at solving it!

This week, we will take one of the 5 errors given in The 2019 ABQ Pack, and add in an exercise to do yourself or if you're a teacher, with your class. The aim is to focus in on how to give a DIRECT QUOTE properly, and avoid the error students make every year of just referring to the ABQ text, instead of giving a sentence from the ABQ, directly transferred, and appearing in quotation marks.

Find this week's resource here.

The 2019 ABQ Pack is now available in our shop here, and we have a small workbook/classroom resource to go alongside it  here!

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