Bringing Enterprise to life! An interview with Co-owner of Happy Out Brian Hanratty

It was great to catch up with my former pupil Brian Hanratty down in Happy Out on Bull Island, Clontarf. Brian set up Happy Out in 2017 with his uncle Karl McCullagh ( We had a chat about becoming an entrepreneur, the motivation to become one, the skills needed and the challenges new businesses face.

Its great to bring real life stories in to the classroom, so hopefully this will be a useful video to stir some conversation and inspire so budding entrepreneurs!

Brian chats about challenges:

- Cashflow starting up

- Construction

- Risk of a location not used before

- Finding the right staff

- Choosing the right branding

Brians's enterprising skills and characteristics shine through as well:

- Resilience coping with cash flow issues and slow construction

- Proactive doing accounting in KPMG to use to set up a business

- Risk taking, decisiveness, human relations, innovative...

Brian also talks about why he wanted to be his own boss - inspired by his Father, wanting to make his own decisions, ambition to build a business, not have to work to a boss...

There is a worksheet to go alongside it with solutions here

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Enterprise solutions for past paper questions are here

Happy Out Facebook page is here


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